• Who would benefit from Share Cards? Anyone who is actively looking for a spouse! These cards are great for anyone who is dating or considering dating or courting and wants to do so in an intentional manner, actively desiring to find the person who is right for them. These cards are not intended for casual dating.
  • What kind of topics are discussed in the Share Cards? The Share Cards discuss things such as dreams and goals, emotional health, finances, marriage and family roles, values, personalities, families of origin, and more!
  • How are the topics divided into the 3 levels of increasing intimacy? See the description written on the cards here:

  • When you say that these cards are faith-conscious, what does that mean? Are they written from a specific religious viewpoint? These cards are written with a handful of faith-focused questions regarding subjects we believe couples should be on the same page on before marriage. They do not align to any specific faith practice but do refer to “scripture” a few times, meaning the Bible. If couples are not comfortable with the faith cards, they are welcome to pull them out.
  • How many cards are enclosed? There are 90 cards divided into the 3 levels with the medium level having the most cards.
  • How are these cards intended to be used? The idea behind the Share Cards is that couples will go through one or more whenever they are together in a capacity that allows for intentional conversation. As the cards grow in depth, the conversations will grow in intimacy and will need to be more private. There are cards that could be answered in a minute or two, and others that will spark hours-long conversations. The cards don’t need to be worked through in order, but there are a few cards that are placed together on purpose (for example, a few cards discussing various aspects of finances).
  • What do you mean by “protecting my heart”? We believe that dating is a season used to find one’s spouse, the person who will be your companion for life. When people date casually, it sets them up for a lot of heartache and frustration. We recommend an intentional style of dating (or courting if you want to call it that) in which both people are on the same page about figuring out if they are well-suited. The goal is to minimize hurt by not growing too close too fast, but also by mutually agreeing on the intent of the relationship. Hurt usually happens when expectations are not met, so we encourage couples to keep open communication regarding their expectations and goals in the relationship. While Share Cards can’t eliminate heartache, our hope is that they will be a tool to help minimize it.

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