The Story Behind the Cards…

Every product has a story behind it. Some stories are boring, like “I wanted to make money and this item sells really well, so I’m selling it.” Ugh. That’s not the story behind the Share Cards.

The Share Cards were created after seeing the results of regular conversation cards in the building of relationships. There are lots of companies out there that make general conversation cards. They are great for getting to know someone better and building a friendship. But when it comes to conversation cards marketed for dating, we found them lacking.

Most dating convo cards are either super shallow, sexually focused, or a weird combination of both with a few great questions thrown in. As a happily married woman of 20 years, I can’t see how this is helpful in truly building a solid foundation for a life together. And as a mom of teenagers soon approaching the season of looking for a spouse, I wanted a better tool for them to use.

My husband and I spent our dating months long-distance. And while that definitely had its challenges, it also had its benefits. We were forced to get to know each other very intentionally over the phone. While there was some amount of small talk, that couldn’t sustain much, so we ended up spending hours and hours each week in intentional, deepening conversations.

We learned so much about each other during those months, and on that we built the foundation of our marriage which is now 20 years strong. That is the knowledge and perspective that is put into the Share Cards. These cards consider many different dynamics of companionship that marriage is built on and dig into those in increasing levels of intimacy. The conversations that follow will be a powerful tool for helping you make sure you intentionally build a relationship that will last a lifetime – or intentionally decide that someone isn’t right for you. Either way, you will be better off for it!

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